I now report on sailing felines for Adventure Cats

I am happy to announce that I write for the very new, very pawsome AdventureCats.org. Adventure Cats is a site (and really adorable Instagram account) dedicated to showcasing felines who prefer outdoor adventures to snoozing all day in the sun. I am on the sailing cat beat, so I will be writing about cats on boats. Boat cats! Capitan kitties! Etc.

Read about Bailey Boat Cat and the very well-travelled Georgie

Migalolo on the App Store

The app I co-wrote with composer Shirley Choi is available for download. The first eight chapters are free.


Available on iTunes or on Google Play.


About the app: “Kids will learn about important conservation topics, the science of the seas, and what they can do to help protect the Earth’s oceans. They will meet new friends like Henry a boy who is turned into a dolphin, his pet cat Iko, a wise turtled named Yai, and tons more. Swim along with Henry and Iko as they explore and meet all kinds of characters from rapping trout to sassy seabirds!”Migalolo



The Next MacGyver

I am thrilled to be a finalist in The Next MacGyver competition with my pitch for a show about a female wearable technology engineer. Having grown up on MacGyver, this is a dream come true.

Click for the official press release from the National Academy of Engineering.

This is the logline for DOCTOR TAILOR, my proposed show:  Former fashion designer Tilly Tailor became a wearable technology engineer after clothing saved her life. Working as a consultant for the FBI, she helps solve crimes and foil wrongdoers by examining, creating, and hacking articles of clothing. She gives “dressed to kill” a new meaning.

Screen Shot 2015-07-22 at 2.31.15 PM

Concept art by Mina Price.