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24 Feb

confused fish

Enter the world of slightly chemically imbalanced animals: http://off-kilter-critters.blogspot.com    

Sock Puppet Burlesque

24 Feb

Enter the world of stripper socks and other dirty laundry. http://sockpuppetburlesque.com

My Pet Hellhound

24 Feb

MY PET HELLHOUND is a short animation currently in pre-production.  It tells the story of a  misunderstood hellhound and his unlikely friendship with an imaginative tomboy.   Here’s a sneak peek at the storyboards by artist Vincent Lee:

Randall and the Gumbo Hut

24 Feb

An animated short about a talking octopus.  

Extinctly Delicious

24 Feb

Extinctly Delicious follows the time travels of a chef, a scientist, a robot, and a genetically engineered hamster. It is currently being co-produced by a British producer/director and myself.  Short script Extinctly Delicious was a winning script at the 2012 London Lift-Off Film Festival.  It was performed live by a group of actors at the […]