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Kristen O. Bobst is a writer and whimsy aficionado. She’s written for a variety of media including graphic novels, mobile apps, short-form comedy content, product launch videos, poetry anthologies, and horror-comedy audio dramas. Kristen is the author of the Style Engineers Worldwide book series.

Kristen is a copywriter and freelance journalist with space, tech, and animal science bylines in Teen Vogue, PBS SoCal, Engadget, Wunderdog Magazine, and many more. Her work for the Style Engineers Worldwide blog includes interviews with 50+ scientists and STEM leaders and a series of webcomics dealing with topics from bullying to wildlife conservation.

She’s ghostwritten two romance novels and several short stories for a popular fiction app. She’s also edited a number of ebooks for kids and a music column for a Hong Kong based composer and author.

Kristen has an MFA in screenwriting from USC, an M.Phil in Anglo-Irish literature from Trinity College – Dublin, and a BA in English from UF. More importantly, she has an excellent cat named Sherman and an awesome dog called Willow.

Email: thekristeno [at] gmail [dot] com

Twitter: @thekristeno

Instagram: @thekristeno

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kristeno/

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