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Writer: Technology, Space, Animals, Whimsy

Kristen Bobst is an LA-based freelance writer.  She’s a graduate of The University of Southern California’s Writing for Screen and Television MFA program.

Kristen’s professional experience includes writing scripts for educational iOS apps, ghostwriting, and working the outer space beat for a variety of websites.

Kristen has recently sold the rights to a YA property about girls in STEM which is now in production as a graphic novel.

Find her online journalism here: Teen Vogue,  Paste Magazine,  The Mother Nature Network, The Mary Sue, & Adventure Cats.

View the product launch videos she co-wrote here: KeeckerPogoCam, & SuperSuit.

Check out the apps she worked on here: MigaloloThe Rainforest Musical, & Miniwalla.

In her free time, Kristen runs two blogs: Sock Puppet Burlesque & Off-Kilter-Critters, which are exactly what they sound like.

At one curious point in history, she wrote “Klingon Style,” a video which went viral because, well, the Internet  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

She also has written a novel about a financially-savvy hedgehog.

Email: thekristeno [at] gmail [dot] com

Twitter: @thekristeno