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Kristen Bobst is a writer and whimsy aficionado living in Los Angeles. She’s written for a variety of media including graphic novels, mobile apps, and audio dramas. Kristen is also a freelance journalist who reports on space, tech, and animals. Her work for the Style Engineers Worldwide blog includes interviews with 50+ scientists and STEM leaders and a series of webcomics dealing with topics from bullying to wildlife conservation.

She’s ghostwritten two romance novels and several short stories for a popular fiction app. In addition to ghostwriting, Kristen is currently working on a MG novel about a robot corgi and a speculative fiction about a Wall Street hedgehog who finds himself in the countryside when war breaks out.

Kristen has an MFA in screenwriting from USC, an M.Phil in Anglo-Irish literature from Trinity College – Dublin, and a BA in English from UF. More importantly, she has an excellent cat named Sherman and an awesome dog called Willow.

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Email: thekristeno [at] gmail [dot] com

Twitter: @thekristeno

Instagram: @thekristeno

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