artwork for THE UNCLAIMED radio play


(Provided by Earbud Theater)

Ever hear that old song, “Lonesome Town”? This might have been the town they were singing about. At first glance it looks ordinary enough, but the people here…they’re private, disconnected, cold. They don’t seem to have anybody who would remember them if they died. The city morgue sees more unidentified “John Doe” and “Jane Doe” corpses per captia than anywhere else. What could be drawing all these lost souls to come to one place? Is it the same force that is luring in the new interim coroner, Dr. Emerald Morgan, whose job it will be to tend to all those anonymous dead? Writer Kristen O. Bobst and director Amanda Zarr are here to make the incision and reveal to you the strange, surprising secret of The Unclaimed.

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Written by Kristen Bobst
Directed by Amanda Zarr

Produced by Casey Wolfe, Nicholas Thurkettle and Craig Good

Featuring the voice talents of:
Andrew Puente as Angelo
Khatt Taylor as Emmie
Rachel Oliveros Catalano as Ghost Jane
Nicholas Thurkettle as Cendres
Ahmed Brooks as the EMT
Noah Copfer as Riley the barista
Cindy Nguyen as the Police Detective
and Amanda Zarr as the second Policeman

Sound engineering by Casey Wolfe

Sound effects, sound design and mixing by Craig Good

Spot art by Ashley F.  Miller, PhD.