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ShoutoutLA Interview

Wherein I talk about animals, living with spasmodic dysphonia, and some v. cool stuff I’ve worked on with some v. cool people.  Read it here. 


Poem News

My poem “Sherman Steals a Space Shuttle” was published in the The Poeming Pigeon’s Cosmos anthology (Feb, 2020). The poem was inspired by true events, says my cat, Sherman, a feline who dreams of high speed rocket chases. More info here

Cosmos anthology

Unboxd Interview

Unboxd is a really cool resource all about women in STEM. I was honored to be featured. Check it out. 

VoyageLA Interview

The lovely folks at VoyageLA asked me about all things writing and the journey thus far. Boy howdy. Check it out.


Style Engineers Worldwide on Comixology

Take a look-see at the press release about the SEW series’ release on Comixology.


YA Interrobang 

I did a guest post for YA Interrobang. Read the whole thing here if you like lava monsters but not so much anxiety.

YA Interrobang Interview Kristen Bobst

Sara Foil

Writer, editor, and media manager Sara Foil interviewed me about Style Engineers Worldwide, my process, and other fun creative stuff. Check it out here.

Sarah Foil Interview


The fine folks at Curensea interviewed my about my thoughts on writing.  Click here to read the whole thing.

Curensea Interview

Mother Nature Network

Way back in the day, Mother Nature Network interviewed me about The Next MacGyver competition. Click here to check it out.

MNN Next MacGyver