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24 Feb

confused fish

Enter the world of slightly chemically imbalanced animals:    

Sock Puppet Burlesque

24 Feb

Enter the world of stripper socks and other dirty laundry.

My Pet Hellhound

24 Feb

MY PET HELLHOUND is a short animation currently in pre-production.  It tells the story of a  misunderstood hellhound and his unlikely friendship with an imaginative tomboy.   Here’s a sneak peek at the storyboards by artist Vincent Lee:

Extinctly Delicious

24 Feb

Extinctly Delicious follows the time travels of a chef, a scientist, a robot, and a genetically engineered hamster. It is currently being co-produced by a British producer/director and myself.  Short script Extinctly Delicious was a winning script at the 2012 London Lift-Off Film Festival.  It was performed live by a group of actors at the […]

Short Story Published on The Palmer Hotel Literary/Horror Site

5 Mar

Kindly check out this short story I wrote recently. It features poetry-writing pigeons and a sleuthing goldfish duo. Click on the photo to be linked to  The Palmer Hotel.

The End of Stephen [Short Story]

29 Jan

Please enjoy this short story, written sometime in the early 2000s. So long ago…   The End of Stephen Patient By Kristen Bobst And so it began in the typical way that any other day would have and continued in that general manner.  It was no unusual day in the least—that is of course with […]

Here’s to You, Revisited [Poem]

29 Jan

Back in 2004, I wrote a [strange] poem.  It was printed in The Mangrove Review, the now defunct literary magazine published by The University of Florida. Presented for your reading pleasure: